We are committed to research and technical development in GeoImaging and GeoInformatics. Our expertise covers all areas of applied GIS and we offer specialist knowledge and skills in:

Land cover dynamics

  • Vegetation dynamics in the Kalahari since 1976.
  • Land-cover and land use change in the Yangtze delta, 1979-present.
  • Modelling urbanisation in Abuja, Nigeria, 1987-2007.


Image classification

  • Object-based land use classification.
  • Ordinal and other non-classificatory approaches to characterise land cover.
  • Characterising ecotones and other spatial properties of semi-natural vegetation.


Geoinformatics for development

  • Geospatial inputs to visualisation and environmental simulation in urban planning.
  • Zone design in neighbourhood analysis using participatory-GIS.
  • Participatory-GIS in urban planning.
  • Interoperability in geospatial information services: linking spatial and building information models.
  • Reconstructing Gaza: water resources and organisational infrastructure.
  • Measuring patients' perceptions of invasive procedure risks.


GIS education and professional development

  • International cooperation for educating GI professionals through eLearning.
  • Curriculum development in the UK, Europe and Asia.
  • User (student) needs assessment in remote sensing and GIS.

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