Task Read the core material for this section. Your tasks are to explain the relationship between cartographical modelling and map algebra, identify the use of "natural language" in processing spatial data, identify the four steps required to implement a cartographic model in a GIS software application, and identify three benefits of using cartographical modelling in GIS. The material contains several e-tutorials that you should complete to demonstrate your understanding.
Cartographical Modelling
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Source: Trodd N, 2005. Cartographical modelling.
e-Tutorial: Construct a Cartographic Model Solution to e-Tutorial: Construct a Cartographic Model
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e-Tutorial: Algebraic Equations Solution to e-Tutorial: Algebraic Equations
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e-Tutorial: Annotate a Flow Chart With Commands  
Cartographic & Spatial Modeling Source: Berry JK, 1993. Topic 10 in Beyond Mapping: Concepts, Algorithms & Issues in GIS. Fort Collins, CO: GIS World Books. Pp. 173-198.
Task Your task is to document the procedure for implementing a cartographical model. You should attend the lecture on GIS modelling and read the chapter by DeMers (2004) that describes the overall procedure, and Tomlin (1990), who first introduced map algebra in his Map Analysis Package, presents the syntax.
GIS Modelling
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Source: Trodd N, 2007. Grid-based GIS modeling, modified from Berry JK, GIS Modeling, presented at Grid-based Map Analysis Techniques and Modeling Workshop, ASPRS Conference 2004.
Cartographic Modelling Source: DeMers MN, 2008. Ch 15 in Fundamentals of Geographic Information Systems, New York, Wiley. 4th Edition.

GIS and Cartographic Modelling Source: Tomlin D, 1990. GIS and Cartographic Modelling, New Jersey, Prentice Hall.
Task Your task is to develop skills to apply map algebra in the ArcGIS environment.
Map Algebra
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Source: ESRI Virtual Campus, Working with map algebra, Module 3 in Learning ArcGIS 9 Spatial Analyst.
Task Your task is to examine one or more case study of map analysis.
Site-Selection Process for Habitat Creation
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Source: Nikolakaki P, 2004. A GIS site-selection process for habitat creation: estimating connectivity of habitat patches, Landscape and Urban Planning, 68, 77-94.