Task Attend this lecture that will help you to answer the following questions: What is GI? Who is using it? What for? And why?
GI & IT for Mapping Environment
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Source: Trodd N., 2005.

Task Complete these practical exercises that illustrate a typical application of GI, namely site selection.
Locating a Nuclear Waste Disposal Facility
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Source: Leeds University Centre for Computational Geography, 2002. Public participation in locating a nuclear waste disposal site in the UK <http://www.ccg.leeds.ac.uk/projects/atomic/> URL last accessed 07-10-2011.

Find Somewhere to Live
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Source: Rightmove, 2011. Draw a Search. <http://www.rightmove.co.uk> URL last accessed 11-10-2011.

Task GIS in Action: Examine case studies and summarise how GIS is being used in different market sectors.
Portfolio of Case Studies
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Task Read about the relationships between geographical problems, geospatial data and information technology.
Introduction to Geographic Information Systems Source: Heywood I, Cornelius S and Carver S, 2006. Introduction to Geographic Information Systems. New York: Pearson. 3rd edition.
Geographic Information Systems & Science Source: Longley PA, Goodchild MF, Maguire DJ and Rhind DW, 2005. Geographic Information Systems and Science. Chichester: Wiley. 2nd edition.