Task Watch and read the following resources and then identify the keys to effective GIS.

Geospatial Revolution
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A 4-episode series of videos that demonstrate the use of geospatial technologies such as GIS, GPS and Earth observation by remote sensing. Each episode focuses on a different application domain - choose one that interests you, or watch the whole series to fully understand the power of geodata in our lives!

Episode 1: Mapping and navigation - personal information
Episode 2: City management - urban planning and commerce
Episode 3: Geospatial intelligence - peace and security
Episode 4: Environment - climate change, hunger and disease

Source: Penn State Public Broadcast, 2010. Geospatial Revolution.. <http://geospatialrevolution.psu.edu> URL last accessed 20-11-2011.

The New GIS Survival Guide
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Mike Clark highlights key factors that underpin GIS.

Source: Clark M, 1992. The GIS Survival Guide. Southampton: Geodata Institute. Revised by Trodd N, 1999.