Complete this Open University unit that will help you feel more confident about studying, enable you to overcome problems with reading and writing, set you up to make the most of the opportunities a higher education course provides for developing your skills.
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Learning activities, online or in the classroom, are designed to help you understand something. Knowing something about some of the theories of learning that underlie the design of these activities will help you to make good use of them. Your task is to find out about theories of learning such as Kolb's theory of learning that has influenced the construction of these modules and identify good practice in using open/distance/e-learning materials. Complete the two Open University units to make the transition from 'normal' learning to eLearning and then read Rosewell's short summary of the learning cycle and its' association to learning styles.
Learning How to Learn

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Learning Styles Source: Rosewell J, 2004. Learning styles. Milton Keynes: Open University.
Cheats never prosper!! Rather than simply outlining the penalties for academic dishonesty this is a refreshing approach to encourage students to develop good practice. It explains how to avoid accusations of plagiarism and outlines the benefits of honest hard work - advice that will help you to enjoy your studies.
Academic Dishonesty, Plagiarism and Referencing

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