Task Familiarise yourself with how CUOnline will be used to support course and module management and delivery.
CUOnline is the virtual learning environment of Coventry University. Each course and module has its own 'web'.

Course Tools


Course tools are located in the top left side panel. Activating a tool displays information in the centre panel.

  Course Content

View learning materials. These are arranged by topic.


Broadcasts of news and module related information.


Towards the end of each module you will be asked to complete a module evaluation questionnaire.


Details of the coursework.


Dates of lectures, practicals and coursework deadlines.


Threaded discussion(s) on topics related to the module.


You can redirect "module mail" to a personal email address.


The Module Guide includes details of contact(s) and assessment , a reading list and a timetable, as well as an outline of the syllabus.

  Learning to eLearn

Some advice on how to study and how to complete coursework.

  Studying GIS

Some guidance on books, journals, trade magazines and tutorials.
My Tools My tools are located in the bottom left side panel.You can monitor your progress and make and store notes related to your studies.