Remote sensing, or rather the information produced by remote sensing, permeates modern life. As if you haven't already spent (too) many evenings exploring the world through the eyes of Google Earth your task is to browse Flash Earth, an assimilation of satellite and aerial imagery from Google, Microsoft, Yahoo!, NASA and others. How does the University appear in the different images? Determine the number of images through which you pass as you zoom in through each set of imagery.

Flash Earth Source: Flash Earth. http://www.flashearth.com/ URL last accessed 09-09-2007.
Task Like many you are probably accustomed to seeing satellite images on TV - and possibly take them for granted. Events in Afghanistan, the Japanese tsunami and daily weather forecasts are illustrated with EO images. In this task you should examine how images are used to illustrate some news stories and then complete the e-Tutorial to discover the range of meteorological data acquired by remote sensing.

Riots of Summer 2011

Source: BBC, 2011. England riots: maps and timeline. <http://www.bbc.co.uk/news/uk-14436499 > URL last accessed 24-10-2011.

Foot and Mouth Outbreak

Source: BBC, 2007. Leaking drains 'caused outbreak'. http://news.bbc.co.uk/1/hi/uk/6982709.stm#graphic URL last accessed 09-09-2007.

e-Tutorial: World Weather

What meteorological data are extracted from satellite imagery?

Task Steve Fossett, a well-known adventurer, went missing on 3 September 2007 after taking off in his single-engine aircraft in Nevada. The e-Tutorial introduces Mechanical Turk - an innovative platform for problem solving - that enables many people to work on a small part of a much larger task. Volunteers were asked to interpret remotely sensed imagery and report anything thought to be out of the ordinary. An estimated 50,000 people contributed to the (online) search. Ultimately the remains of the plane and its pilot were found 100km off course by a hiker. Despite the tragic loss of life there are some lessons learned from the exercise. These include the advantage of images with fine spatial resolution, the benefit of being able to view pairs of before/after images and, perhaps most telling, the limited image interpretation skills of most non-experts.
e-Tutorial: Search and Rescue

Help to find Steve Fossett's plane.

Was It Worth It?
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James Stephen Fossett's death
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