Task What is, and what is not, a GIS? Jim Petch reminds us that a GIS software application is just one technology that is used by GI professionals. Your task is to distinguish between GI technologies by assessing their functions for handling spatial data. A relatively simple explanation of these functions can be found in sections of the UNESCO tutorial.
GIS Technologies and Functions
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Source: Petch J, 2002. GIS Technologies and Functions. Section 7 in Introduction to GIS. Manchester: UNIGIS.
What is GIS?
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Source: Trodd N, 2005. GIS technology. GeoImaging and GeoInformatics.

Capture - module F
Store - modules D1 and D2
Check - modules G1 and G2
Integrate - modules C3 and C4
Analyse - modules G4 and G5
Display - module C5
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Source: UNESCO, 1999. Training modules in GIS Tutorial. <http://iodeweb5.vliz.be/oceanteacher/resources/other/GISModules/index.html> URL last accessed 27-10-2008.
Compare and contrast the functions for handling spatial data that can be found in graphics and CAD software, database management systems and software used to process remote sensing images.
e-Tutorial: Functions for Handling GI
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Task Your task is to assess the functionality of web GIS applications.
e-Tutorial: Internet GIS
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Task Compare and contrast desktop GIS software. Explore three or more software applications, including ESRI ArcView, to identify common functions and design features.
Desktop GIS Software
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GIS Software Reviews Several trade magazines provide GIS reviews. Search their websites to find out who has said what about your favorite piece of kit.

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