Your task is to identify and review methods to extract useful information contained in the spatial domain of remotely sensed images by reading Smith (2002).
Extracting Information in the Spatial Domain
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Source: Smith G, 2002. Image processing in the spatial domain: models for extracting information. Manchester: UNIGIS. Modified and updated by Trodd N, 2007.

Your task is to develop your understanding of visual image interpretation.
Airphoto Interpretation
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Source: Estes J, 1996. Elements, Aids, Techniques, Methods, and Procedures of Airphoto Interpretation, Volume 1 Module 2 in Remote Sensing Core Curriculum. <http://www.r-s-c-c.org/rscc/v1m2.html> URL1 last accessed 9-10-2007. <http://userpages.umbc.edu/~tbenja1/umbc7/santabar/vol1/lec2/2lecture.html> URL2 last accessed 8-11-2007.

Image Interpretation
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Source: Trodd N, 2004. Based on Fundamentals of visual image interpretation, Chapter 4.2 in Lillesand T et al. 2004, Remote sensing and image interpretation, 194-207.

Your task is to develop and demonstrate your skills in image interpretation by completing the practical exercise and then mapping the coastline of the Yangtze delta, PR China.

Visual Image Interpretation
[ Clark Labs IDRISI32 ]
[ ENVI - Heads-up Digitising ]
[ ENVI - Linear Feature Extraction ]

ENVI - complete the second exercise that uses a semi-automated digitising tool to extract coastlines and roads

Your task is to further develop your understanding of techniques to process digital images.
Pixels - Interfacing Remote Sensing and GIS
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Source: Blaschke T & Strobl J, 2001. What’s wrong with pixels? Some recent developments interfacing remote sensing and GIS, GIS - Zeitchrift fur Geoinformationssysteme, 6, 12-17.
Data Fusion
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Source: Cheng P et al., 2000. Orthorectification and data fusion of Landsat 7 data, Proceedings of ASPRS. <http://www.pcigeomatics.com/services/support_center/tech_papers/ASPRS_2000_land7.pdf> URL last accessed 9-10-2007.
Object-based Image Analysis
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Source: DefiniensTV, 2009. <http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=PatMAWiV71M> URL last accessed 18-10-2011.