Task What techniques are available to extract information from multitemporal data sets? Answer this question by reading the overview (Trodd 2002), examining the case studies of an environmental consultancy and completing the e-Tutorial. This task should be completed in parallel to the second task in this section.

Extracting Information in the Temporal Domain
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Source: Trodd N, 2002. Extracting information in the temporal domain. Manchester: UNIGIS.
Remote Sensing Services
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Source: Walsh Environmental, 2007. Services: remote sensing and satellite imagery. <http://www.walshenv.com/services/remoteGIS/default.asp> URL last accessed 10-11-2007.
e-Tutorial: Change Detection in the Mekong Delta  
Task The previous task identified several techniques that have been used with some success to extract information in the temporal domain. Your task is to develop skills in three of these techniques and critically evaluate the conditions in which each technique can be applied successfully. In particular, consider which techniques process pairs of multitemporal images and which techniques analyse time series?
Pairwise Comparison using Image Substraction
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Change Vector Analysis
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PCA of Multitemporal Data
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Improved image analysis benefits as much from the analyst being able to better exploit their intelligence as from technical advances in image acquisition. The research community has been developing new and ever more sophisticated algorithms to add intelligence to digital image analysis and in recent years some of these techniques have been implemented in off-the-shelf software. Your task is to identify some of the ways in which these approaches could contribute to improved multitemporal image interpretation.

Land Use Change Modelling
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Modelling Land-Use Change in Africa
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Source: Stephenne N & Lambin E, 2004. A dynamic simulation model of land-use changes in Sudano-sahelian countries of Africa. Catholic University of Louvain, Belgium. <http://www.geo.ucl.ac.be/Recherche/Teledetection/Projects/Stephenne.html> URL last accessed 11-11-2007.
Task Your task is to critically evaluate a method to detect and characterise change from multidate Earth observation data.
e-Tutorial: Methods to Detect and Characterise Change