Task Read this section. Your task is to identify potential techniques for communicating change in multitemporal Earth observation data.
Enhancing Multitemporal Earth Observation Data
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Source: Trodd N, 2002. Enhancing multitemporal Earth observation data, Manchester: UNIGIS.
Task Complete the practical exercise on temporal profiling and then attempt the e-Tutorial.
Temporal Profiling
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e-Tutorial: Change Vector Analysis  
Task Your task is to explore how different organisations are communicating scientific information to users via the Internet. Complete the e-Tutorial and examine the animated time series. The latter has undergone changes to the way it works and may take some extra effort to get it working.
e-Tutorial: Visualising Change  
SST Animations of La Niņa Events
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Source: NOAA Earth Systems Research Lab. Sea Surface Temperature animations of recent La Niņa events. <http://www.cdc.noaa.gov/map/clim/sst_olr/el_nino_anim.shtml> URL last accessed 11-11-2007.
Task Your task is to create your own animated time series of Sea Surface Temperature anomalies.
Animating a Time Series of SST
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