Who has influenced us to think spatially? What have they said or done? Your task is to examine the work of great spatial thinkers and identify the types of geographical questions that they have asked, and answered. Then test yourself with the e-tutorial.

In the first article Reg Golledge links up "thinking spatially" with famous people. Would you have thought of Michael Jordan or Michelle Kwan making the list? You should then tap into the thoughts of Ian McHarg whose work on overlay has had a huge influence on GIS. Finally take time to examine the lives and works of other spatial thinkers by searching the nicely illustrated CSISS database. Look out for Ian McHarg, Torsten Hagerstrand, Walter Christaller and others.

Thinking Spatially
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Source: Golledge R, 2003. Directions Magazine. <http://www.directionsmag.com/article.php> URL last accessed 05-10-2007. This article is copyright DBA Directions Magazine.

Reflections on GIS: An Interview with Ian McHarg
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Source: GEOWorld, 2001. In Memoriam - Ian McHarg Reflects on the Past, Present and Future of GIS, Industry Interview at Geoplace.com. This article is copyright of Adams Business Media.
Great Spatial Thinkers
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Source: Brown N, Corbett J and Crosier S, 2004. CSISS Classics. Santa Barbara: Center for Spatially Integrated Social Science. <http://www.csiss.org/classics/> URL last accessed 18-10-2006.
e-Tutorial: Spatial Thinkers
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Test your knowledge of who's who in Geography.
One of your objectives in this topic is to outline the process of thinking spatially and a good place to start is by learning to ask geospatial questions. Read these notes by Timothy Nyerges and Reg Golledge and identify the stages one goes through when asking and solving geographic questions.
Asking Geographic Questions
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Source: Nyerges TL and Golledge RG, 1997. Asking Geographic Questions. Unit 007 in the NCGIA Core Curriculum in GIS. Santa Barbara: National Center of Geographic Information and Analysis. <http://www.ncgia.ucsb.edu/education/ curricula/giscc/units/u007/u007_f.html> URL last accessed 18-10-2006.