The people at GIS Development do a fine job at compiling a monthly digest of articles published in the print and online trade magazines. Please note that some articles in some magazines require a subscription.
Publications Monthly GIS Development. <> URL last accessed 18-11-2007.
The number of trade magazines for the GI industry is impressive and different publications tend to focus on different market sectors or geographical regions. Alongside this 'promotional' literature a growing number of blogs are maintained by well-placed players in the industry.


ArcUser Magazine

ESRI promotes developments in and applications of its' range of products and data services through its' quarterly newsletter <> and magazine for ArcGIS users <> URLs last validated 2004-03-08.

"Your GIS News Source" - a good mix of articles, the All Points Blog and podcasts on topics of interest to the geospatial community. URL last accessed 11-09-2007.

Ed Parsons blog

Once upon a time Ed spent his time traveling to international conferences and trade exhibitions as Chief Technology Officer of the Ordnance Survey of GB. Now his expense account is paid for by Google and he travels the world as their Geospatial Technologist. His blog on the discussions at these events and unofficial views on things geospatial make interesting reading. <> URL last accessed 11-09-2007.
GEO:connexion Magazine Business magazines for the geospatial industry in the UK, continental Europe, Middle East and Africa. URL last validated 2005-09-11.
GeoThought Peter Batty, a well-travelled and respected executive of large and small GI companies, writes his thoughts on geospatial and location technology. <> URL last accessed 11-09-2007.

"The Authoritative Resource for Spatial Information". URL last validated 2004-03-08.

A weekly newsletter, career opportunities (in the US) and links to short articles on GIS applications. <> URL last validated 11-09-2007.
Intergraph promotes the latest developments and applications of its' GeoMedia range of products. URL last validated 2004-03-08.
High Earth Orbit Andrew Turner, spokesperson on neogeography, takes us around his world of geo-enabled gadgets. I like. <> URL last accessed 11-09-2007.
Idrisi Newsletter Occasional updates from the one-time maverick of GIS software (but still occupying their own niche between full-on vendors and the open source community). <> URL last accessed 11-09-2007.
MapInfo Magazine MapInfo promotes the latest developments and applications of its' range of products. MapInfo is now part of Pitney Bowes Software. URL last validated 2004-03-08.
Mapping Hacks More techie than some but good stuff for anyone interested in mashups and open source mapping technologies. <> URL last accessed 11-09-2007.
Ogle Earth An unofficial view on all things GE. Great resource. <> URL last accessed 11-09-2007.
Spatial Law Kevin Pomfret's blog about legal issues associated with geospatial data and technology. <> URL last validated 01-07-2007.
Spatial News Self-proclaimed home of The GeoCommunity. URL last validated 2004-03-08.
UN SPIDER Newsletter The United Nations Platform for Space-based Information for Disaster Management and Emergency Response publishes a newsletter. <> URL last validated 01-07-2007.
Very Spatial Blog and podcast from three emerging talents in the GI-sphere. <> URL last accessed 11-09-2007.